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Let Us Make Sense of Your Data

Amplify your legal team's efficiency with BCMA's comprehensive litigation support and data visualization consulting.


From data entry to impactful trial graphics, we specialize in delivering end-to-end solutions for every stage of litigation and complex civil matters. Our dedicated team offers expertise in litigation support, analytics, trial preparation, and compelling trial graphics.

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Working toward
a trial date?

outsourcing your
trial presentation?

We Can Help

Save Resources

Let us pre-process and clean your data before handing it off.​


From intelligent de-duplication to cleaning bulk data for further analysis, our eye for detail is unmatched.

Personalized Service

We understand that deadlines are critical to your practice.  Our staff is nimble enough to move with your needs.

Hire Data Specialists

We find hidden relationships in your data, revealing clear insight to guide your next steps.

Tailored Solutions for
Your Cases' Success

In the legal field, preparation and analysis of accurate information is critical to your case outcome. You need clear insight and logical data modeling to meet your clients' needs. We can help make sense of your data.


We are a small company with 30+ years in litigation support, and we understand the value of personalized service.


We specialize in working with solo practitioners and small firms. Our collaborative team of expert data analysts and skilled graphics team unite to deliver end-to-end solutions for trials, arbitrations, and depositions.


Experience seamless integration of cutting-edge data analysis and captivating visualizations, tailored to elevate your legal strategy and leave a lasting impact in the courtroom.

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