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Since 1992, our staff have been engaged in investigation, data management, and analysis for the discovery phase of complex civil litigation. We thrive on our ability to digest large amounts of complex data by providing compelling presentations, timely response, insight into data relationships.

At BCM Analytics, we offer comprehensive litigation support services to law firms and legal departments. Our team of experts provides data analysis, custom database systems, and deduplication services, helping clients streamline the discovery process.

Our Services:

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In-depth Analysis

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Cost Estimating



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Database/System Design

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Legal Graphics

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Document Reduction


1 / ASK questions and define the problem.

Together we'll share information, define the issues involve and discuss measures of success

2 / PREPARE data by collecting and securely storing the information.

We will build a timeline for your project and begin the process of collecting necessary data.

3 / PROCESSS data by cleaning and checking the information.

The importance of clean data cannot be overstated. We will make sure the data is complete, relevant, and free of errors and outliers.

4 / ANALYZE data to find patterns, relationships and trends

We will use all our knowledge and best practices to summarize our results to improve outcome for all stakeholders.

5 / SHARE findings with you

You will be empowered to make better, data-driven decisions.

6 / ACT on data and analytics

Our findings and recommendations for action will propel you to the next level.

7 / EVALUATE findings with you

How has acting on the findings improved your case outcome? This step often leads back to the beginning, yielding a new question we can solve.

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