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Complex Litigation Reporting.png

Complex Litigation Reporting

We have 30 years’ experience guiding our clients to successful recoveries with data-rich reports . We can help your project by: collecting data; digitizing data; interpreting data; and presenting data.

GIS-linked Data Reporting.png

GIS-linked Data Reporting

We collect and process bulk geotagged data for inclusion in compelling and interactive maps. We can even animate how your data changes over time, which can reveal fluctuating or stagnating conditions.

Financial Forensics Analysis.png

Financial Forensics Analysis

Trace the money. Our custom software and techniques will show you where the money went. Extensive experience of tracing the flow of funds, using bank records and other subpoenaed documents.

Compelling Visual Presentations.png

Compelling Visual Presentations

We thrive on finding surprising insights within your data. Charts, maps and graphs resulting from our analysis will guide your next steps.

Data Mining.png

Data Mining

We are experts at creating user-friendly database systems derived from numerous and complex sources. These resulting databases often yield surprising results.

Electrical Usage Analysis.png

Energy Plan Analysis

We have helped consumers and corporations better understand and alter their energy usage patterns to lower their costs. 

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