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Maximizing Energy Savings with Custom Data Analysis


Pacific Solar and Wind LLC, a leading provider of battery backup and solar panel solutions, approached BCM Analytics to address a significant increase in a homeowner's monthly electricity bill. This case study showcases how BCM Analytics leveraged their data analytic expertise to understand the problem and develop an action plan, including the implementation of a custom database system. It highlights BCM Analytics' versatility in working with clients beyond the legal sector and applying data analytic methods to various scenarios.

Client Information:
Client: Pacific Solar and Wind LLC
Industry: Renewable Energy (Battery Backup and S
olar Panels)

Case Overview:
Pacific Solar and Wind faced a challenge when one of their homeowner-customers noticed a significant rise in their monthly electricity bill. Seeking to identify the root cause and provide an effective solution, they turned to BCM Analytics for assistance. This collaboration aimed to optimize energy usage and reduce costs for the homeowner.

Services Provided by BCM Analytics:

BCM Analytics applied their data analytics capabilities to address Pacific Solar and Wind's requirements, including:

  • Data Collection: Requesting detailed energy usage logs from So Cal Edison in the form of large CSV files, tracking kWh usage at regular intervals.

  • Data Processing: Utilizing a VBA routine to extract incoming and outgoing power data into separate columns, ensuring accurate analysis.

  • Tariff Scheme Integration: Incorporating Edison's complex hourly rate tariff schemes into a comprehensive spreadsheet for further analysis.


Screen grab from energy analysis database

Data Analysis and Action Plan:

BCM Analytics employed robust data analysis techniques to derive actionable insights for Pacific Solar and Wind:

  • Usage and Tariff Cross-Referencing: Cross-referencing quarter-hourly usage figures with appropriate time-of-day rates across all available rate schemes offered by Edison.

  • Cost-Benefit Determination: Through meticulous analysis, BCM Analytics determined the Edison rate that would deliver the most significant savings for the homeowner, amounting to over $5,000 per year.


Versatility and Reusability:

One key advantage of BCM Analytics' approach is its versatility and reusability:

  • Diverse Applications: This case demonstrates that BCM Analytics' data analytic methods can be applied to scenarios beyond the legal sector, such as optimizing energy usage in the renewable energy industry.

  • Scalable Solutions: The developed system is reusable, enabling the importation and analysis of energy usage data for new customers. This flexibility empowers end-users to identify potential savings, whether through rate plan adjustments, changes in electricity usage behavior, or the installation of battery and/or solar panel systems.



The successful collaboration between Pacific Solar and Wind and BCM Analytics exemplifies the adaptability of data analytic methods in different industries and scenarios. By leveraging data analytics, Pacific Solar and Wind gained valuable insights into energy usage patterns and identified substantial cost-saving opportunities for their homeowner-customers. BCM Analytics' ability to design custom data systems and deliver actionable recommendations demonstrates their commitment to providing innovative solutions across diverse sectors.

BCM Analytics' expertise includes applying data analytic methods effectively to drive positive outcomes and achieve tangible results for clients.

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