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Strengthening Litigation Strategy with Efficient Metadata Extraction


In the complex world of litigation, attorneys often face challenges in gathering crucial data to support their cases. This case study highlights how BCM Analytics empowered attorney Ronald A. Hartmann with their expertise in metadata extraction. By swiftly and accurately retrieving essential file metadata, BCM Analytics helped Ronald A. Hartmann, a specialist in real estate and litigation, strengthen his litigation strategy in a complex legal case.


Attorney-Client Information:

Attorney Client: Ronald A. Hartmann

Law Firm: Law Offices of Ronald A. Hartmann

Legal Specialization: Real Estate and Litigation


Case Overview:

Ronald A. Hartmann's case involved a complex legal dispute with multiple parties. Faced with intricate legal issues, the attorney encountered challenges in gathering crucial information, including establishing a timeline for the creation of case-related files.


Services Provided by BCM Analytics:

BCM Analytics specializes in efficient metadata extraction from diverse file types. In Ronald A. Hartmann's case, the services included:

  • Utilizing custom software tools to extract important and possibly hidden metadata from a drive full of files.

  • Swift retrieval of metadata, such as creation dates and device types associated with the files.

  • Ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of the attorney client's data throughout the process.

Implementation of Support Services:

BCM Analytics seamlessly integrated their expertise into Ronald A. Hartmann's case workflow:

  • Leveraging their knowledge of custom software tools, BCM Analytics extracted every known possible bit of metadata from each file.

  • With meticulous attention to detail, they determined the origin dates and device types, providing a comprehensive timeline analysis.

  • The efficient extraction process was completed within an impressive turnaround time of less than 24 hours.

Results and Impact:

The collaboration between Ronald A. Hartmann and BCM Analytics yielded significant results:


  • Accurate timeline placement: The extracted metadata allowed Ronald A. Hartmann to precisely place the creation of the files in a timeline, providing valuable insights into the case.

  • Informed decision-making: Armed with the obtained data, Ronald A. Hartmann made well-informed decisions at the early stages of litigation.

  • Strengthened litigation strategy: The ability to establish a timeline empowered Ronald A. Hartmann to guide his next steps with confidence and accuracy.



BCM Analytics played a crucial role in enhancing Ronald A. Hartmann's litigation strategy through their efficient metadata extraction services. By swiftly retrieving vital metadata and establishing a timeline for file creation, BCM Analytics enabled Ronald A. Hartmann, a specialist in real estate and litigation, to make informed decisions and strengthen his legal arguments.


The collaboration between Ronald A. Hartmann and BCM Analytics exemplifies the value of leveraging expert litigation support services to achieve success in complex legal cases.

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