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Transforming Map Design with Precision and Efficiency


Geo-Craft, a dynamic start-up wall map company specializing in custom 3D polyhedral Earth maps and wall-mounted paper half-globes, partnered with BCM Analytics to revolutionize their map design process. With the aim of delivering meticulously-oriented projections onto a 3D surface, Geo-Craft sought the expertise of BCM Analytics to develop custom geographic functions and mathematical algorithms. This case study highlights the collaborative efforts between Geo-Craft and BCM Analytics in creating innovative map products that offer cost-effective, specialized alternatives to traditional globes.


Client Information:
Company: Geo-Craft
Industry: Wall Map Design


Custom 3D Polyhedral Earth Maps and Wall-Mounted Paper Half-Globes


Recognizing the need for precise and accurate map projections, Geo-Craft enlisted the support of BCM Analytics. The initial phase involved the development of numerous custom geographic functions using Visual Basic for Excel.


BCM Analytics embarked on a comprehensive exploration of geodesics and spherical trigonometry, gaining a deep understanding of the complex mathematical foundations. Leveraging this knowledge, they engineered tailor-made mathematical functions to facilitate effortless computation of distances, bearings, midpoints, and translations.


The custom-built functions and calculations became instrumental in the creation of Geo-Craft's ingenious 3D polyhedral maps and foldings. By utilizing these essential subroutines, successfully produced maps that captivate and inform.


The Result:
Anticipate the imminent release of Geo-Craft's remarkable map products, showcasing their unique designs and unparalleled precision.


The Best Part:
One of the most remarkable aspects of this collaboration is the reusability of the calculations. With the established calculations and mathematical functions, Geo-Craft can continue to design new map products with consistent accuracy and efficiency.


Geo-Craft's partnership with BCM Analytics exemplifies the fusion of innovative map design with advanced data analysis capabilities. By leveraging custom geographic functions and mathematical algorithms, Geo-Craft has solidified its position as a trailblazer in the wall map industry. This case study demonstrates the transformative power of collaboration and showcases BCM Analytics' expertise in delivering precise and efficient data management solutions.

BCM Analytics specializes in litigation support, but is not confined to the legal sector. Our data analytics prowess extends to diverse industries, catering to clients' unique requirements. Whether it's assisting start-ups like Geo-Craft or supporting established businesses, BCM Analytics' multidimensional approach to data-driven solutions offers invaluable insights and informed decision-making.

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