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Unique Narrative that Stands Out

Over 30 years, we have found that narrative discussions is one of the most compelling ways to present in-depth evidence. Simple checklists and bullet points often fail to convey the essence of your story. That's where our experience of intelligently transcribing and categorizing audio commentary can propel you to success.

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Intelligent Automation

We can take transcription far beyond simple typing and data entry. We have developed highly customized industry-specific keyword recognition functions that interface directly with a corresponding database structure. Clear insight is within your reach instantly.

Hybrid Approach.png

A Hybrid Approach

A thoughtful combination of conversational description and structured data fields makes classification of complex data easy for everyone to understand.

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Beyond Spellcheck

Your highly specialized field of practice is populated with equally specialized phrases and terms of art. It makes a difference when your transcriptionist understands the context of the discussion. Beyond proper spelling and grammar, we always learn the meaning behind the words we type.

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At BCM Analytics, we provide reliable and accurate transcription services to assist in your litigation support needs. Our team of experts is skilled in database design and deduplication services, ensuring that your transcripts are organized and easily searchable.

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