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Custom Database & System Design

Services at BCM Analytics

Customized Database Systems.png

Customized Database Systems

We have designed thousands of relational databases for extremely diverse purposes. You need the right database to reveal clear insight into your data.

Customized Programming and Functions.png

Customized Programming & Functions

If you can imagine it, we can make it happen. We have created all manner of custom calculations, functions, and subroutines. From geographic and statistical calculations to image processing, we know how to provide the right answers for you.

Customized Forms.png

Customized Forms

Badly-designed user forms are frustrating for everyone. We can improve your data collection or create the best version from scratch, and pull your data into an easy-to-use format.

System Evaluation.png

System Evaluation

Are your in-house spreadsheets really designed correctly? Have you crafted a user-friendly relational database? We can evaluate your current methods for inefficiencies. Many firms are using software that is not giving them the performance they need.

Data Cleaning.png

Data Cleaning for Machine Learning

Most in-house data is disorganized, missing important fields, contains duplicates, or is otherwise 'messy'. If you anticipate using AI or ML in your business, you need clean input data for training ML systems.

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